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Transhumanism and Christian Theology?


Ex Machina

Late last year I was grateful to be asked to participate in article writing for the Christians in Science (CiS) organization student magazine called ‘Connect’. Six students of science across UK – including myself – took on the task of writing – from various angles – on the centralized theme which was: “Being human” i.e. what does it mean to be human? I chose to write about transhumanism, theology and the role and significance of meaning in human life. A snippet of my article is below, and the rest of the article is in the link below the snippet if you wish to read on!


‘​In November 2018 I attended the Christians in Science southern conference in Bristol. The topic title was Being Human in an Age of Machines and the conference featured outstanding talks by a select number of Christian scholars. Undoubtedly one of the major recurring themes was on the implications of transhumanism; the idea that human life can be advanced beyond current less desirable human limitations through the use of science and technology. In recent years, leading transhumanist proponents such as Max Tegmark and Yuval Noah Harari have begun raising novel questions about what exactly makes humans human. Whilst these are not the easiest questions to tackle, one area where we can begin to find answers is in the notion of meaning in human life…’

The rest of the article can be located here

2 thoughts on “Transhumanism and Christian Theology?”

  1. Wesley J. Smith penned a good piece that appeared in Religion and Liberty (Fall, 2018 edition), a quarterly publication from the Acton Institute (Grand Rapids, Michigan). In his piece, Transhumanism: A Religion for Postmodern Times, he draws our attention to the fact that this movement or religion is man centered and not God centered. As well, it does not respect human life as many adherents are pro-abortion. Transhumanism denies the spiritual dimension of man. For all these reasons, it does cause Christians much concern.

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    1. Yea good point’s raised. I do think ultimately it is a problem for Christians however, perhaps strangely, there are some who are advocates of it Such as Micah Redding of Christian Transhumanist Association. He has his point and arguments but I am not too convinced myself that transhumanism at it’s fullest has much if anything to do with the gospel promise in 1 Corinthians 15 stated by Paul.

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