About Nathan Bossoh

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(Current PhD student in History and Philosophy of Science at UCL|MSc in Philosophy, Science and Religion| Musician – bass guitar)

In the last year of my undergraduate degree in Music Performance (2014), I became increasingly interested in general science and philosophy which in turn led to the discovery of apologetics (giving a positive defense of Christianity using evidence). Since then I have become a student of apologetics, history and philosophy, aiming to increase my knowledge in areas such as the historic, scientific and philosophical defense of theism and scripture. In 2018 I completed my Master’s Degree in Philosophy, Science and Religion with Edinburgh University, and now I am undertaking my PhD in the History and Philosophy of Science at UCL. (My PhD research focuses on the professional impact of the evangelical practice of aristocratic science in the mid-to-late 19th century amongst the rise of the more agnostic practice by the scientific naturalists, with a specific focus on the 8th Duke of Argyll.)

Extra info: I have an initial background in music with a 1st class honors degree in Music Performance from Middlesex University after gaining a two-year scholarship, plus student of the year award from the Higher Diploma course.

I have been fortunate to also written articles for ‘Premier Youth and Children’s Work’ and ‘Christians in Science’. I am apart of the youth leadership team within my Church, and co-organize a project entitled FJM (Following Jesus as Musicians) where we gather musicians together to meet on a regular basis in order to discuss the Bible, life and faith.