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Does Evil Disprove the Existence of God?

The existence of evil is probably one of the toughest challenges a Christian can face when in conversation. The reason for this difficulty is not because there are no good answer on Christian grounds (there are a number of good answers) but rather because the question of evil is more than often bonded heavily to… Continue reading Does Evil Disprove the Existence of God?

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Is Faith Compatible with Reason?

“Well of course not!” is the type of response some might be tempted give upon pondering the question for less than a few seconds. Many people today assume that faith is about taking a leap into the dark and believing in something where there is no evidence. (This is a common thought process about belief in… Continue reading Is Faith Compatible with Reason?

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Is Christianity a Blind Faith?

Sceptics of the Bible ranging all the way from professors such as Richard Dawkins and Stephen Hawking right down the average layman, seem to have acquired a unified definition of what the word faith means when it comes to the Bible over recent decades. In essence the most common definition of the word you will… Continue reading Is Christianity a Blind Faith?


Did Jesus Christ Really Exist?

It is widely known today that Jesus did exist. Even the average non-religious person on the street can accept that Jesus was at least a good moral teacher (although there are issues with this position as C.S. Lewis points out). However, on rare occasions, we still overhear the claim that Jesus never really did exist,… Continue reading Did Jesus Christ Really Exist?

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Can we Really Trust the New Testament?

The foundations of the Bible have been under increasing attack over the last few centuries. Many people now hold to the view that the Bible has been disproven through science, history and the ‘fact’ that there is no God. Whilst the average person can appreciate that Jesus was a good man with great teachings (much… Continue reading Can we Really Trust the New Testament?

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Atheist Scholar Agrees that the New Testament is Reliable?

If you haven’t heard of him, then you will have after reading this. New Testament Critic Professor Bart Ehrman has become an iconic figure in his field of work making a name for himself as one of the foremost critics of the New Testament (NT). Ehrman you could say he is the Richard Dawkins of… Continue reading Atheist Scholar Agrees that the New Testament is Reliable?